Welcome to Starfleet Academy, Acacia Fleet Department on Starbase 49. Founded in 2358 as an in-fleet annex of Starfleet Academy in San Fransico, Earth, the Acacia Fleet Department offers a wide range of additional courses to Starfleet personnel in the fleet.

The courses are divided into several subjects. Acacia Fleet helps you to get started on this website. For introductory courses on Starfleet, see Starfleet. All courses related to the fleet sim can be found in Simming. The other subjects can be accessed for department specific courses.

Requests for courses that are not yet available, can be made to one of the Academy staff members listed on the bottom of this page.

Latest courses

Log entries
Apr 5, 2370
Log entries are used to expand your characters and optionally for expanding missions. For who? For all Acacia Fleet personnel. Prequisite Simming 101 - Simming introduction Simming 102 - Characters Introduction A recurring event in the television Star Trek series are the log entries. You often here the captain or one of the other characters make...
Mar 31, 2370
Merging the responsibilities of ship-to-ship and personnel combat into a single department, the security & tactical department is responsible for the tactical readiness of the vessel and the security of the ship. For who? For all Security and Tactical personnel. Prequisite None.
Mar 31, 2370
The operations department is responsible for keeping ship systems functioning properly, rerouting power, bypassing relays, and doing whatever else is necessary to keep the ships and stations operating at peak efficiency. For who? For Operations personnel. Prequisite None.
Mission Control
Mar 29, 2370
What is simming and where can you find more information about it? For who? For all personnel participating in missions. Prequisite None. Introduction Simming is an online text-based role-playing game that takes place in a chat room, by e-mail or on an Internet forum. Individual games, known as sims, read like a story, albeit one written by several...
Mar 29, 2370
An overview of Acacia Fleet, it's history, it's structure and organisation, ships and stations overview and an overview of key personnel. For who? For all personnel within Acacia Fleet Prequisite Starfleet 101 - Starfleet Introduction Introduction Acacia Fleet was founded on June 16th, 2358 as a defense force during the construction of Starbase 49...
Mar 28, 2370
Starfleet vessels and stations are equipped with different types of shuttlecraft. For who? For all Flight control and Engineering personnel. Prequisite None. Table of contents

Academy staff

Commander Jim Aaron Kynes
Executive Officer, Starbase 49
Commander Command Academy Staff
Lieutenant Commander Ashley Robinson
Chief Tactical Officer, Starbase 49
Lieutenant Commander Security and Tactical Academy Staff, Security
Lieutenant Commander Adam Ristau
Chief Operations Officer, Starbase 49
Lieutenant Commander Operations Academy Staff
Commodore Roy Veldman
Chief Fleet Construction Officer, Acacia Fleet
Commodore Engineering Academy Staff, Corps of Engineers, Fleet Admiralty, Recruitment Office