Corps of Engineers

Welcome to Acacia Fleet Engineering, home of the Corps of Engineers. The main task of the Corps of Engineers is to build and maintain the Acacia Fleet website and to assist the webmasters of the ships in the fleet with the construction of their sites.
Officers in the Corps of Engineers will report about their progress in a series of articles. These articles will give more insight in the work that goes into designing Starfleet ships and stations and will allow members of the fleet to give feedback.

Fleet yards blog

Jul 12, 2368
In the years that I am building and maintaining the Starbase 49 website, I have also been working on a 3D model of the starbase. Over time I switched software a few times, finally settling on Sketchup as my 3D modeller. Sketchup is a very easy to use 3D modeller, allowing me to build this model without any knowledge of 3D modelling. Downside is...

System engineers

Commodore Roy Veldman
Chief Fleet Construction Officer, Acacia Fleet
Commodore Engineering Academy Staff, Corps of Engineers, Fleet Admiralty, Recruitment Office