shirley liberty cheron

shirley liberty cheron

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Playing Character (PC)
Primary character

During the wars she was born on planet cheron,,, that when the war was taking place,,,
mother had to take refuge underground near the mountain's,,,, the father was scared for her,,, they had to the hiding,,,, deep in some tunnels,,,,

well lokia& bele was beaming down to the planet to continue their fight,,,, that's when I thought the planet was completely dead,,, at that time,,, they had no idea what is happening next on cheron to continue the fight,,,,

Personal details
Physical Appearance
Hair Color: 
Eye Color: 
pink & blue
Physical Description: 
Physically strong Spinal cord electricity
She had no spouse
One daughter
Jonathan Liberty
Angeles Liberty
She had no brothers
She had no sisters
Other Family: 
aunts and uncles who died in the war,,, and grandma and granddad's they also died in the war,,, my mother survived and my father survived,,,, the war on Cheron,, which they thought everybody died,, they reported it as a dead planet,,,,
Personality and Traits
General Overview: 
She's very intelligent extremely smart,,, and want to take revenge over at Capt. James T. Kirk,,, what goes on inside CHERON history books,,,, here are her traits,,,, she went to Starfleet Academy in her very young early stages of her life here are the courses she took over a period of time,,, Captain science officer,, chief engineer communication officer,,, even for alien life form's,,, weapons officer,,, chief of security,,, for alien life forms,,, nurse,, even for alien life forms,,, Doctor,, even for alien life forms first officer,,,, counselor,,,, second officer,.... commander chief of security,,, alien world's,,,, second in command,,, officers specialist,,, for the extremely alien life for like the borg security for alien life forms to be put into jail;;; operation officer,,, owner and operator of her own bar,,, where she met a lot of alien lifeforms good and bad,,,, taylor ,,, she even to make Starfleet uniform even for alien life form,,,, Pilot,,, the best one in the fleet,,, operation communication officer,,, she's the best person to communicate to all alien's,,, ship's cook,,, the best one ever,,, even to make aliens , the best dinners they ever tasted for alien life form,,, medical technicians,,, Evan alienated medical help she's the one to call on,,,, chief medical officer,,,, to make aliens feel better,,, scientist,,, studies and everything even alien,,,, engine specialist she can work fast and efficient in any engine problem,,,,,, ships counselor,,, to be counted on any time for counseling,,,, and it should solve any problem,,,, she passed all of our courses with the highest of honors,,,,, there is nothing this lady can't do and everything she can do,,,, because of our intelligence,,, she can do just about anything anywhere anytime,,,, and never miss a beat,,,,, highly trained,,, for any situation that may, come up,,,
Strength and Weaknesses: 
Her strength is other intelligence,,,, her weaknesses are short temper,,,, the best person on any ship,,,, ready for action any time anywhere,,,,,
Her ambitions as smart as she comes the more courses she will take,,,, she loves challenges,,,,, but most of the time to be alone in her thought this,,,,
Hobbies and Interests: 
Her hobbies are holodeck her interests is cooking music and especially art,,,
Cheron language second language alien all