Mission Control

Welcome to Mission Control, where you get access to all the missions in Acacia Fleet from past and present. From here you will participate in the mission for your station or ship. You can find the active missions directly below, upcoming missions are available here and a list of completed missions can be found in the archives. In the Personal Logs section you can find logs posted by Acacia Fleet personal.

Training courses on Missions can be found at the Acacia Fleet Academy.

You can only post in one of the missions if you have applied for one of the open positions on one of the ships or stations in Acacia Fleet. You can do this by visiting the Recruitment Office.

Recent missions

Mar 25, 2371 - Mar 26, 2372
Unknown Phenomenon
Mar 13, 2370 - Oct 7, 2370
All communications with the outside world are being blocked by an unknown phenomenon that resembles a black void. A rogue Starfleet vessel, the U.S.S. Monitor arrives at the station with no crew on board. The crew tries to solve these two mysteries.
The Shakedown
Apr 3, 2368 - Dec 31, 2369
After the conclusion of the Blockade mission, it is time to get the starbase back in full operation. The Blockade has ended. Now we get back to the stations problems in The Shakedown. There are a lot of new crew members coming aboard trying to make a name for themselves and get promoted, so watch out senior staff. Back on the station everyone is...

Recent mission posts

Lieutenant Commander
Feb 26, 2372
[Rockape walks into Sick Bay] Captain, Nice to see you back in the land of the living, how are you feeling? [Rockape looks towards the Dr] How's he doing Doc? Tag Captain and Doctor
Feb 24, 2372
Paul: Hey buddy, I was wonderin when you'd come around. You ok? You were talking kinda crazy and didn't know if you were going to pull through. Kent: Thanks Paul, I think I'm ok now, only time will tell. Thanks for being here. Paul: Couldn't let my best friend, you know. Kent: Ya I know, and thanks buddy.
Feb 24, 2372
I wake up on a bed in sickbay, open my eyes and see a blurred figure standing there. Dr. Maser: Well, welcome back to the living, Captain. Captain Taylor: What, Um, Oh um, Dr. Maser, what's going on? I remember there were people dieing all over the place and I thought I was one of them but I see I'm where I was before. Um, Rock and I were in the...

Latest personal logs

Log title Type Posted on By Assignment
Greetings Personal log 08/08/2374 - 09:56 Rear Admiral Ariyen Dynal Acacia Fleet
Requested command for USS Limburgia Personal log 07/01/2373 - 06:49 James Watson
Shore Leave Personal log 05/25/2372 - 20:07 Captain Kent Taylor Starbase 49
since the academy wasn't allowed to use my power''''.... Personal log 09/19/2370 - 23:36 shirley liberty
The borg are coming Duty log 09/18/2370 - 06:18 shirley liberty