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Latest news

Registering disabled
Jan 19, 2374
Due to the huge ammounts of spam we receive, registering of new accounts is currently disabled. To register you can send me an application mail for an account at r(dot)veldman(at) specifying your desired username.
Submission (Personal Mission)
May 20, 2371
I've seen a lot of the crew adding posts to the mission. This is good to build your character and adds to the mission. When you watch a star trek episode you see everyone going about their business doing the job they are assigned. We all have jobs to do and we can call them our Personal Missions with in the mission as an Ongoing Mission. Your...
Spread the word!
Mar 23, 2370
We need your help to spread the word that Acacia Fleet is hiring! We could really use some fresh active players, and I'm sure you all know someone that would like to join! Tell them about our website so they can register and join in on the sim fun.
Register your Sim!
Mar 23, 2370
Our new website has been on-line for almost two weeks now, and it's time for more sims to join the fleet! Do you operate your own sim and want to join our fleet and make use of our website? Head over to the Recruitment Office and read about the possibilities.
Around Pluto and back again
Feb 20, 2370
After a few years on the sim management system, I reintegrated the Starbase website back into the Acacia Fleet system. A lot of the functionality has been ported to this site so you can all create characters and participate in the Starbase 49 sim. Old character information and missions have been imported and mission posting should work as...
Life signs detected
Feb 15, 2370
That's right, life signs have been detected on the Acacia Fleet website. The website engineers are working hard to get a new version of this website ready. That version will integrate all functionality of the Acacia Fleet and Starbase 49 website into one system. This means one log-in and one uniform system for all Acacia Fleet affiliated websites...

News staff

Captain Kent I. Taylor
Commanding Officer, Starbase 49
Captain Command News Bureau
Commander Athena Zoden
Chief Counselor, Starbase 49
Commander Medical and Counseling News Bureau
Ajal Tyler
Propulsion Specialist, Starbase 49
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