Our Mission is,

Kent Taylor
Commanding Officer, Starbase 49

Our Mission is, to make sure this station is, parden the pun, shipshape. Now, the starbase is shipshape, the personal are not, Although, some are, like Mr.Rockape, He has been posting and not causing any problems in the Missions.

Our Mission is, to post in the simms(when possable), I want you all to have fun. If you do good there will be Promotions. There is no doing bad(EXCEPT CAUSING PROBLEMS)but just have fun.

Our Mission is, to learn all we can about Starbase 49. Roy has pictures on the forum, there is the acadamy, and there is the past missions YOU can read. Also you can call on me at anytime, with any problem.

Our Mission is, The Station is "YOU"!

Our Mission is, Do the best you can at posting in the position you are and I see Promotions in the furture.

Our Mission is, to get new people, SO start posting new people, In the mission, about the mission.