Recruitment Office

Recruitment Office

Recruitment Office

Welcome to the Recruitment Office, the office that manages all crew applications and assignments. If you are looking for a job in Acacia Fleet, you have come to the right place.

Join as a player

To become a player in one of the Acacia Fleet games, you first have to register for an account. You can do so by mailing r(dot)veldman(at) with your desired username. After we successfully created an account for you, you can start creating your first character. To complete your application, head over to the Open Positions page to apply for an open position in one of the games.

Join as ship or station

Do you want to join Acacia Fleet as a ship or station? Contact one of the Recruitment Officers and ask for the possibilities.

Acacia Fleet wants You! Open positions

Recent transfers and promotions

Date Person Event
12/16/2372 razvzn Transfered to Starbase 49 as Transporter Specialist Starbase 49
12/16/2372 Duncon Mac Leod Transfered to Starbase 49 as Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist Starbase 49
08/06/2371 Ajal Tyler Transfered to Starbase 49 as Propulsion Specialist Starbase 49
03/30/2371 Brennan R Cummings Changed rank to Ensign Ensign
03/30/2371 Marcus Bowman Changed rank to Ensign Ensign
03/29/2371 Jim Laughner Missing in Action
03/26/2371 John P Smith Changed rank to Captain Captain
01/27/2371 Brennan R Cummings Transfered to Starbase 49 as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer Starbase 49
08/05/2370 Marcus Bowman Transfered to Starbase 49 as Shuttlebay Manager Starbase 49
07/03/2370 Benjamin Connors Changed rank to Ensign Ensign

Recruitment office staff

Commodore Roy Veldman
Chief Fleet Construction Officer, Acacia Fleet
Commodore Engineering Academy Staff, Corps of Engineers, Fleet Admiralty, Recruitment Office